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Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

733 Meters

Temples - Mata Bajreshwari, Jawalaji, Chintpurni, Mata Baglamukhi. Kangra Fort & Gopalpur National Park (Zoological Park))

October to June

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Kangra is a city and a municipal council in Kangra district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is lies on the height of 7,33 meters above from the sea level. It is a town at the confluence of the Bener River and Majhi River and beas is an important river here.

The temple of Mata Bajreshwari was one of the oldest and wealthiest in northern India. It was destroyed, together with the fort and the town, by 1905 Kangra earthquake on 4 April 1905, when 1339 lives were lost in this place alone, and about 20,000 elsewhere.

Tourist attractions in Kangra

The Kangra Fort is also a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the oldest forts of India as well as the oldest in Himachal Pradesh. Also Maharaja Sansar Chand Museum adjoining the Kangra Fort.

It is the home of Masroor Rock Cut Temple built by Pandavas and also known as Himalayan Pyramids and a wonder of the world for being likely contender for the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many ancient temples like the Jawalaji temple, Chamunda Devi temple, Chintapurni temple, Baba Baroh and Baijnath temples are also here, which are very famous. Gopalpur Nature Park in Gopalpur village has tea gardens. Gopalpur Nature Park is closed on Monday.

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Kangra Tourism Information
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